NEWS UPDATED 02.02.2020

Historic sports and racing car specialist

Mäkelä Auto-Tuning Oy(Ltd) was founded by Kari Mäkelä in 1978 to develop racing cars and oversee the operation of a racing team. Over the years, MAT racing cars have won many championships in Scandinavia, often Kari Makela himself, in the driving seat.

For the last thirty years, the company has also specialised in restoring and trading classic cars. Nowadays, we are a respected restorer of rare, ex-works rally and racing cars, as well as an expert on their history. We have over 35 years experience in the restoration of classic Ferrari sports and racing cars. Our special know-how and expertise, is in one-of-a-kind special cars and prototypes, as well as in research and engineering development work. Success in these fields has been based on the quality of our precision work and a wide experience of automobile engineering. Our clients are well-known and respected, car collectors and museums worldwide.